Byrnam Wood®

Doing it differently. And better.

Enlightened Negotiating

We have been owners; we know how landlords think. For us, it's always been about the client, not the deals.

Smarter Deals

We aim for aggressive deals, regardless of the market cycle. We build into each deal the ability to maneuver and re-negotiate later, as conditions change. We believe clients should have a range of rights that they can exercise over the full term of the lease, and we structure deals to ensure long-term flexibility.

An Extraordinary Track Record

We achieve exceptional results for clients, regardless of market conditions — we have won New York's "Most Ingenious Deal of the Year" award at the top and bottom of market cycles.

A Thoughtful, Collegial Environment

Our team works together closely and without the tensions and disputes prevalent in our industry. We share ideas, a creative drive and a passion for the most advanced technology available — and we enjoy doing what we do well.

Disposition of Excess Occupier Space

M&A activity and corporate re-structuring often lead to an excess of space. We have an exemplary record of disposing of excess leased space by way of subletting, assignment and surrender agreements. Byrnam Wood team members have in recent years successfully disposed of well in excess of 600,000 square feet of burdensome space in New York, Boston, New Jersey, Westchester and London amongst other locales.